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Special Olympics Hamilton County

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SOHC Supporters:

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Why is Fundraising important to SOHC?

It's our lifeline...

Special Olympics Hamilton County is a non-profit that is supported by fundraising events, donations, grants, and gifts-in-kind.  A large percentage of our programs are possible with fundraising in our community!


What makes SOHC unique is that our program is run solely by volunteers and run by a volunteer management team.  SOHC holds fundraisers so we can offer olympic-type sports and other opportunities to families, FREE of charge.  


Our hope is, to take some of the financial burden off of our families and help our athletes become strong, independent, social, healthy, and happy! That is why SOHC offeres MORE than just sports. We offer community involvement, healthy lifestyles, ALPS university classes and MORE!


Like most programs our athlete base and sports programs GROW each year! With that so do our expenses. This is where fundraising is KEY. SOHC has several large and small fundraisers throughout the year to raise profits for the growth. Please visit the links above to find out more about our yearly fundraisers or contact our Events Coordinator with questions.  



SOHC is trying to update all our old uniforms, can you help?

Uniforms that need updated