The fitness industry has been around for a while now, helping individuals to achieve their body goals and teaching them how to remain healthy. In the old days, fitness classes were costly and had to be held in-person. That was very challenging for individuals who weren’t able to afford it or who simply didn’t have multiple hours a day to spare to attend those lessons. 

Becoming a fitness coach seemed almost impossible, as well. Besides the mandatory education, aspiring fitness professionals had to seek mentors and gyms that would offer them a stable job. The demand wasn’t high, and there weren’t enough job openings. 

Nowadays, the demand for fitness coaching is at its highest. The world has realized the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But what made things significantly easier is the era of the internet. Today, fitness professionals from all over the world can be connected with fitness enthusiasts in a matter of seconds. Everything can be done from the comfort of one’s home – via remote coaching. Here’s everything you need to know about this form of tutoring.

What is Remote Coaching?

Remote Coaching is teaching people about various fitness styles and techniques but on your own terms and conditions. There are a couple of ways one can do remote coaching:

  1. Do personalized live lessons – prospective coaches can create customized plans and programs, depending on the needs of their client. Users can either create their websites or use social media to promote their services and obtain customers. Lessons can be held via Skype or a similar video chat service.
  2. Publish exercise videos online – this is among the most popular ways of remote coaching. Fitness professionals can pre-record a sequence of videos and publish them online on websites such as YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. They can earn money either via paid subscriptions, adding additional services, or via AdSense. This format of remote coaching can also be combined with doing personalized live lessons.
  3. Work for a third-party remote coaching website – there are many different remote coaching platforms that accept professionals and help them gain customers. Earnings might be lower than in the previous two options, but that depends on one’s availability, lesson-quality, and the number of regular customers.

How to Become a Successful Remote Coach?

Individuals who are looking to become a part of this industry should follow the tips below to ensure success and customer satisfaction:

1. Be Patient

Just like starting any other business, becoming a successful remote coach won’t come to fruition without at least some hardship. It might be challenging to create a steady customer base in the beginning. What’s important is not to give up. Individuals will always have to develop, improve, and adapt their business models to yield the best results. But once they’ve learned all the tricks of the trade, it won’t be long until they have at least a couple of regular clients.

2. Make Sure to Understand Your Clients’ Needs

When it comes to fitness, everyone’s body is different and has different needs. Coaches should always take the time to schedule consultations to learn more about the clients and their body goals. It’s essential to inquire about any present medical conditions or anything else that might play a significant role in their fitness journey. What makes a great coach is the ability to adapt their knowledge to individual situations. That will ensure the clients’ well-being and will help them achieve the desired goals.

3. Never Stop Learning

The fitness industry has been gaining a lot of traction. New methods and techniques are being developed daily, so coaches should always be aware of the latest industry standards. Nowadays, there are so many different tools and equipment, and a good trainer should still know how to utilize these. That will help them become well-rounded, seasoned industry professionals who are ready to take on any challenge.

Top 3 Websites for Remote Coaching


RemoteCoach is an online platform that connects licensed fitness professionals with enthusiasts looking to better their lives and health. They offer different services, such as live interactive sessions and continuous coaching. It’s one of the favorites among customers.

2. YouTube

YouTube is a well-known platform that can be used for many different purposes, including remote training and coaching. It can be difficult and time-consuming to grow one’s subscriber count. But individuals who manage to achieve success on YouTube will be able to obtain additional opportunities such as sponsorships or partnerships with other companies.

3. is an elite training platform that connects top-notch fitness professionals with a steady customer base. They focus on one-on-one training and custom training plans and encourage their trainers to create a more personal bond with their clients. Also, their customer base includes many celebrities and pro athletes.

A Website is Not Available in My Country. What Should I Do?

If users see an error when trying to sign up for any of the websites listed above, that most likely means that that particular website isn’t available in their country. If that’s the case, individuals should try to bypass the geo-restrictions by installing a VPN.

Before installing the VPN, users should research the website and see which countries it’s available in. Most high quality VPN providers provide a paid, subscription based deals but options of a free trials may be found as well. Once, done connect to another country’s server. It does so by changing their IP address which enables them to access geo-restricted websites and download geo-restricted content.

Users should avoid connecting to a server that’s native to their countries to avoid the restrictions. Voila, your remote coaching journey can start.

Becoming a remote coach is a challenging ordeal. But, if you’re persistent and believe in the quality of your service, you will succeed. Just make sure to follow the tips above and never stop trying. This is an advantageous industry because, besides the fact that it can be lucrative, you will be responsible for changing customer’s lives for the better.