Having a dedicated trainer certainly helps in maintaining one’s fitness level. With time-tracked guidelines, diet plans, workout regimes, a trainer lets you stay on track to your body health and fitness. However, you may not always succeed in hiring a skilled trainer who can accompany you round the clock.

Nonetheless, your smartphone can now serve as your personal trainer with these wonderful apps. We have listed out some of the best apps for you to install with trust on your iOS or Android phone. If you, however, cannot find it on your Windows phone, maybe having a dedicated VPN windows phone might help in accessing these apps.

Fitbit Coach

As the name implies, Fitbit Coach is your very own training coach to stay fit regardless of where you are. This incredible app tracks your data from your wearable gadget and suggests workouts and fitness feedback to you accordingly. Not only it makes recommendations but also hosts a treasure trove of various exercise videos to guide you through in a step-by-step manner. Besides being a strict trainer, Fitbit Coach also ensures keeping you entertained as it allows you to listen to your favorite music during workouts through Fitbit Radio.

Nike Training Club

If you are looking for an all-inclusive application that serves your requirements at various training levels, you need to be a part of the Nike Training Club. Since the app strives to serve as a ‘training club’, you will certainly find it helpful for people of all levels – from newbs to the more ardent fitness freaks. The app allows you to select your desired plan under the ‘My Plan’ menu to begin with your routine. Not only does the app offers workout sessions, but also lets you perform dedicated exercises such as heart-pumping cardio, bodyweight strength workout, or even yoga.


Strava is a specialized app meant for the pro cyclists and runners to track their fitness levels. The app lets them stay on track by monitoring the details like speed, distance, pace, routes, and other data and provides you with stats to assess your fitness status.

Besides monitoring your own fitness, Strava strives to be a motivational trainer as it lets you socialize your training by sharing your stats with others and vice versa. This also helps in creating an ambiance of competition among the fellows to stay motivated and active on the route to health fitness. You can also share your location with others via this app to ensure your security as you go on long routes.